e7th Creative Services

Our creative services are the result of two decades of experience in marketing and advertising. Ketchum Advertising in New York City won awards for Tim's work on LU Cookies, Afrin Nasal Spray and Tinactin Athlete's Foot Medicine. His work on the French Government Tourist Office Account landed him a job in tourism marketing in 1992 in Vail, Colorado.

In the west, the creative work gained leadership status in hospitality, spa and resort marketing. Colorado's Wine Country, Glenwood Hot Springs and Vail Cascade Resort all enjoy successful regional and national brand awareness built from their award-winning campaigns.

Today, e7th offers companies the same agency quality at a price that agencies cannot touch. Efficiency comes from recruiting specialized creative teams to execute campaign elements.

Our services include:

Brand Creation
Logo Design
Advertising Themes
Video and Photo Production
Website Concepts and Design
Collateral, Print Design
Automated email Campaigns
Illustration and Graphics
Sound and Music Production

Call about sound systems, lighting and performances including Vail rock band- Schwing Daddy.

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Illustration and Graphics

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Music Productions